Bodygun Percussion Massager: A More Adaptable Device with regard to Healing & Pain alleviation

There are a lot of percussion massagers on the market. So, what makes BodyGun different?
BodyGun was developed with a personal trainer following she had been diagnosed fibromyalgia syndrome and myofascial pain syndrome. She went through being a physically active personal trainer to chronic pain sufferer.

After suffering together with pain for a long time, She discovered that percussive therapy was a way for the woman’s to ultimately get some relief. She was able to loosen up her tight muscle tissue and get treatment. However, the existing percussion massagers on the market just had 2 or 3 speeds and so they were also strong on her to use on days when she had a lot of pain.

That is why BodyGun was developed. Instead of having only a few, higher speed settings, BodyGun has half a dozen speed levels ranging from 1200-3300rpm. This makes it both lighter in weight and more robust than aggressive devices. The reduced settings can be used for relaxing muscle tissues and providing pain relief as well as the higher settings provide deep tissue transmission to break up trigger details and ease muscle fascia. The higher speeds are strong enough for use be expert athletes.

So how exactly does Percussive Therapy Assist with Chronic Discomfort?
Fibromyalgia and Myofascial pain affliction are chronic pain issues and can trigger tightness and pain inside the myofascial tissues. These tissues surround and support the muscles through the entire body. This pain generally originates areas in the myofascial tissue referred to as trigger factors. Myofascial release focuses on easing the stress and firmness in these trigger points.

Percussive therapeutic massage is a development treatment for delicate tissue pain. This accelerates the expansion and fix of tissue by providing targeted, rapid, short-duration impulses deep into the tissues of the entire body. This greatly increases blood flow to the region causing treatment and elevated range of motion overall performance.
BodyGun deep tissue massager penetrates deep in to muscles to destroy up and also loosen these kinds of trigger points and to provide pain relief. With the lower options, this can be accomplished without having to be overwhelming for the user.

What Are The Benefits Of Percussion Massage?
• Warm up & trigger muscles just before exercise
• After physical exercise to speed upward muscle recovery
• Breaks down lactic chemical p in muscle tissue
• Decreases muscles pain & stiffness
• Increases range of motion
• Promotes circulation
• Loosens thickened connective tissue and also muscle fascia
• Breaks straight down adhesions & internal scar tissue, that happen after accidental injuries or surgical treatment
• Elongating muscle fiber, specially when spasms, tightness and restrictions are present

BodyGun furthermore comes with several different accessories to provide the proper type of percussive therapy on different body parts. This provides extra versatility to ensure the user provides the desired final result from each massage session.

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